Sagittarius fire sign.🔥 Strong believer in Astrology.♐️ I am exactly as my sign describes; outspoken, hyper, and madly spontaneous. I've got charisma when I'm happy and I'm cynical when I'm not. I speak sarcasm as a second language. Chaos personified, hard-headed to the point of recklessness, & brutally honest. If you want it sugar coated, I'm probably the last person you want some advice from. I say fuck a lot. I have a habit of making people feel stupid. Underestimate me, I'll enjoy proving you wrong. Forget what you heard. Ask me, don't ask about me. I don't want to be anything that has already existed. It amuses me when people tell me "what kind of person I am". Especially because so few people actually know me. Fuck your opinions. I know who I am and I know what matters. It's definitely not the opinion of people who don't matter. I'll make sure there's never a dull moment in my life, and if you don't deserve to be in my life, you wont be. I've made many mistakes but unlike others I learn from them and don't make the same one twice. I love this wild ride ✌️

I’ve got the key in my hand,🔑
Now all I have to find, 
Is the lock. 🔒
@kravewearinc #kravewearinc 💋
Oh, was @bmthofficial not playing? Ask THIS girl how many fucks she gives. 0⃣ 😜 #sempiternal #warpedtour #warpedtourorlando #warpedtour2014
@MadDecent : Freeing the universe one @zedsdeadofficial show at a time. 😍 
Besides @flumemusic they were the only ones with their own original sound. It’s sad that people got more wild for the generic ass shit they hear at every show. I heard the same songs 15 times from everyone else. 
And @flosstradamus always brings me dat tr⚠️p! 😝 #maddecentblockparty @zedsdead_hooks @zedsdead_dc
Something like work.. 😜 #MokaiModelMonday @mokaiofficial
What are liars if not excellent magicians? #ElderWand #DeathlyHallows @kravewearinc #kravewearinc 💋
Hitting my @eycemolds bong by the sea 😙💨☀️🌊 #EyceMolds #Miami #BongBeauties 💋
Where are you from?

Miami ☀️

Anonymous asked:
How are you not doing lingerie shoots seriously that would bring the world to an end cause of the perfection

Haha thank you 😜

Anonymous asked:

Thanks love ❤️

Oh I think they like me, in my Alternative Endings tank 😉